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Over 35 Years Teaching Diving!

Thousands of divers trained - from beginners to experts to instructors
Scuba, Freediving, Spearfishing, Lobstering, U/W Video, U/W Photo, Nitrox & Technical

I am proud to announce that I have joined the diving & spearfishing professionals at Florida Freedivers
in West Palm Beach!


email me... chad@floridafreedivers.com

call me...... 561-848-0678 (shop)

stop by..... 905 US 1, Suites A, B, C & D  Lake Park, FL 33403

In over 35 years in the dive industry, Florida Freedivers will be the first company I've worked for that is 100 % freediving and Zero % scuba!! I'm really excited about that change, and that everyone in the store freedives and spears fish!!

SCUBA? I will continue to provide Scuba Instruction of all levels, on Thursdays or Sundays.
For scuba related business call or text me at 727-423-7775 or email chad.carney@yahoo.com

Check out Florida Freedivers today!



And that's just a part of the show room... and there's also a huge stock room and class room!


To read the Coastal Angler story below click on it, or click Publications 


TDI Tech Classes - privately & semi-privately

You don't have to get all new gear to Tech Dive
 just add a little to your system and get some additional training

Mike Barnette and Gwalia Bell - FL Middle Grounds 83.5 lbs Black Grouper

  Your underwater adventure awaits!

Kurt and manta Art Pinder aims his sling!Sheri Daye brings up a yellowfin grouper Chad Carney taming a Lionfish!

Diving classes, taught privately or semi-privately at your location, from as far north as Jupiter & West Palm Beach
down through Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale and as far south as Hollywood & Miami


Captain & Instructor Chad Carney    Over 35  Years Teaching Diving & Spearfishing
Pompano Beach, FL   Text or Call 727-423-7775

e-mail: chad.carney@yahoo.com

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