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Art Pinder Photo Gallery

Art Pinder's website recently went off the web, but his photos are just too good to
 leave behind, so I reposted the pages here on Florida Skin Diver.

Legendary spearfisherman Art Pinder passed away at home on Tuesday January 7th, 2014 at
84 years young. Rest in peace Art, and thank you for everything you shared with us!

I met Art Pinder in 2003 and he invited me to go diving with him, first offshore from Miami,
and then to the Bahamas. Our purpose was to take photographs and video of Art shooting fish
and record the events for an article in Spearfishing Magazine. These adventures lead to
the cover story for the Fall 2003 issue.     Chad Carney   

Poster from Spearfishing Magazine 2003

        Art Pinder aims his sling!    
One of my by best photos of Art with his sling - Chad Carney



Photo Gallery

Art & Fred Pinder (bottom) - only spearfishermen ever on SI cover                                   Art & cubera 
Life guard Art Pinder, on the left, and his father, Capt Earl Pinder, dressed     Art & duck tape covering a shark bite

Art & Don with a large Goliath Grouper                                Pinder brothers  - National Champs 1954

Art & Fred Pinder 1956 Skin Diver Cover                                 Art Pinder & 10 foot Tiger Shark

Art and 587 lbs Goliath grouper                                        Don, Art & Fred Pinder        



Sheri Daye and Art Pinder before and after going spearfishing

Don Delmonico, Art, & Del Wren with Sheri Daye at The Blue Wild                                 Art & Chad Carney

Jack Kearns, Sheri and Art                                       Sheri, Art & Chad at the Miami 2003 DEMA Show

Back row - Art, Bill Cardet & Chuck Hartz. Front - Bill Alderman & Carl Starling aboard "Hartz Desire" in the Bahamas

   Alice and Art Pinder                                                             Art and Terry Lentz

Sheri Daye wrote a wonderful book in 2009 about Art and his adventures
and brought it to the world's attention in her Blue Wild Expo

         Art Pinder "The King of Sling" by Sheri Daye


   Art Pinder's world of adventure revolved around the sea - a world he conquered with a primitive, simple weapon called a sling. With this underwater bow and arrow, he brought down legendary fish - a 7-foot sailfish, a 10-foot tiger shark, and a 587-pound Goliath Grouper.
   Armed with homemade diving equipment crafted by their father, Art and his brothers were some of the first to venture into the underwater world while it was still a foreign and mysterious place. For years the Pinder brothers dominated the sport of underwater hunting. In a class by themselves, they were undefeated for many years. In a surprising move, jealous tournament directors kicked Art out of competitions. However, that was not the end of Art's hunting career - he made an amazing comeback decades later.


   Just as intriguing, Art's fascinating journey on land touched the lives of famous personalities, including: producer Frank Satenstein, journalist and Ambassador Clare Boothe Luce, boat builder Don Aronow, actress Esther Williams, and multi-millionaire Huntington Hartford and his wife Marjorie Steele.
   No matter where Art went, men admired him and women were drawn to him. Art's magical journey was filled with ocean adventures, shark encounters, life-saving rescues, irresistible seductions, and practical jokes - all against the backdrop of Miami Beach in it's heyday.
   Every sport has it's legend. In the spearfishing world, Art Pinder will always be remembered as the King of Sling.



Author  Sheri Daye


Art took this photo many years ago of me & my camera before going diving


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